Kadir Has University (KHAS) which is dedicated to its vision of becoming a global university located in the heart of Istanbul, has been actively implementing international programs as part of its aim to establish and strengthen international connections. In support of the university’s strategy of internationalization, KHAS has facilitated memberships in the EUA, Europa Nostra, and Global Compact, as well as the IAUP (International Association of University Presidents), OECD/IMHE, Magna Carta, University Emuni, Turkish-American Scientists and Scholars Association, and ACUNS (the Academic Council on the United Nations System).

Our university’s strategy for internationalization focuses on regional and national diversity. With the aim of furthering this goal, increasing the university’s international visibility, and launching new collaborations, we have attended numerous fairs, including the EAIE, NAFSA, APAIE and Study in World events. KHAS chooses its partners through negotiations with the faculty and the main criteria is whether the outcomes of the partnership will be of mutual benefit and value adding for both parties. Depending on the result of negotiations where the courses and curricula of the potential partner are evaluated a partnership agreement is signed. KHAS is willing to diversify the partnerships it has and there is not a strict criterion regarding the geographical area of its partners. Because our international promotional efforts have also targeted the recruitment of full-time and exchange students from outside the EU as well, and we have extended our outreach to events in nearby countries such as North America, South America, Far East, Russia, Central Asia, Middle East, and Africa with the aim of expanding our internationalization agenda into new geographical area.

The most important objective of KHAS’ mobility programs to create an international atmosphere on campus and help students deepen their understanding of the World. To eliminate cultural, social and racial differences and prejudices in communication and interaction between people stands as a primary goal. As KHAS aims to set the aim of being a supportive and inclusive learning community devoted to academic excellence, creative learning and innovative research in its strategic plan, it is expected to benefit from and contribute to the Erasmus program in a great degree.

According to modernisation perspective, first of all, we strongly believe that our continuing participation into the program will facilitate us to increase the attainment level of our learning community. The objective of the KHAS is to educate its students to be productive, investigative, and intellectual individuals, who are respectful of human rights and freedoms, who take on a social responsibility to serve humanity; and who possess critical thinking abilities in line with universal knowledge and values. Mobility is a vital component of this education process and Erasmus program promotes the greater mobility opportunities than any other programs available. Program also encourages universities to involve disadvantaged and vulnerable groups into the mobility which will help us to shape our practices accordingly.

Secondly, KHAS aims to have curricula to meet the demands of the international labour market in a rapidly developing industrial world. Supporting academic staff exchanges and including practical experience in education are vital elements in altering the curricula to current and emerging labour market needs and foster employability and entrepreneurship. Erasmus program is designed to support the exchanges and practical experiences which will be a great tool of our university with this respect. Program also pushes the universities in quality development in education which will be an important motivation for our commitments in quality assurance.

Third priority is that KHAS strongly believes that learning mobility helps students and researchers increase their professional, social and intercultural skills and employability. Thus, the mobility activities will be an important tool to achieve our aim of equipping our students with knowledge, skills and competences for them to flourish within a global society, by fostering a culture of excellence and respect for other cultures and ideas. As KHAS aims to link education, research and business, the program objectives coincide with university’s internationalization strategy. Therefore, we continue to support our students to make their internships in recognized institutions abroad. The program will encourage the university to create partnerships with professional institutions and enhance our capacity to engage such interactions.

Finally, the New Education Model of KHAS has been developed with this vision in mind overthrowing the traditional university models last year (2019). It offers a model that brings up totally original graduates who will pioneer and shape the future world. Now, only 3 departments are converted to the new educational model, but all departments in KHAS will converted into this new model in 5 years.