Please check the requirements below to see if you are eligible to apply:

* You must have completed one year of studies at Kadir Has except prep. school

* GPA Requirement: 2.50/4.00 or higher 

* Exchange score is %50 English language level and %50 GPA.

* EL 1/ EL 2 CB or EL 3/ EL4 CC

* TOEFL 78,Yökdil, E-Yökdil, YDS, E-YDS 65 , PTE, CAE and CPE (taken within 5 years)

* Core Program: KHAS 103 and KHAS 105: AA-BA-BB-CB

The requirements for application may vary for each institution. Students are responsible for checking the host institution’s website!

Application Process

Application is done via Mykhas. Please font forget to upload emergency contact information section in Sparks.


Global Exchange students are selected in a fair and transparent way.

Selection is done based on 50% Academic success + 50% English Language score.

If the applicant has benefited from Global Exchange Program before while pursuing the same level of academic degree, 10 points will be deducted.

Erasmus and Exchange Office calculates and lists the final score of each applicant based on the calculation explained above. All applicants are ranked from the highest to the lowest

Announcement of Results

Results are notified to all applicants in a written format via e-mail and global.khas.edu.tr “Announcements” section.

Important Note

Being placed into a Global Exchange partner does not mean automatic acceptance. The host university reserve the right to accept/reject student applications. Your acceptance will be valid only after their confirmation.

Useful Information

Partner universities send your acceptance letter one month after we send all your documents. The acceptance letter is sent to your address which you stated in the application form.

Those applying to universities in the USA must pay the SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitors Information System) Fee after receiving their acceptance letter. You can pay for the SEVIS online with a credit card. After the payment, you will receive your receipt via mail. You can apply for your US visa with the receipt and the acceptance letter.

The country you are traveling to may require you to obtain a visa. Note that only the consulates can provide correct/up-to-date information about the visa procedures; The Erasmus and Exchange Office is not capable of overseeing your visa applications.

Universities in the USA may stipulate their accommodation in university dorms to students. Students can determine their accommodations for other countries’ universities.

You will renew your registration at Kadir Has and pay your tuition here.
Semester extension can only take place from Fall to Spring.

You must consult your Exchange Coordinator for your courses. Learning agreements without the Coordinator’s approval won’t be accepted.